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Common Problems

When Does Your TV Need A Service Call?

Many problems experienced by TVs are typical and can be diagnosed by the owner. Below is a list of possible problems and which ones need our attention.

TV turns itself off.

Most newer model TVs have an Error Code that is indicated by lights that turn on or blink on the front panel. Consult your Owner’s Manual for the meaning of the error indication.

  • If the error indicates a LAMP problem, call to schedule a TV repair
  • If the error indicates SERVICE IS NEEDED, call to schedule a TV repair

The picture is OK but the sound is low, distorted, or missing.TV Repair

  • If you are using a cable box or satellite receiver, make sure that its volume is not low or muted.
  • Check that the audio cable is OK and plugged in properly at both ends.
  • Look for a switch (usually located on the back) or a menu item that switches off the internal speakers or selects a “center channel” mode for the internal speakers.

The sound is missing or bad on some channels only.

  • On the remote or in the audio-sound menu, look for an item labeled “MTS” or “SAP” and make sure that the “SAP” function is off and that the sound is set to “Normal” or “Stereo.”

The sound is OK but the picture is missing or distorted or the color is bad.

  • If you are using a cable box or satellite receiver, make sure that the cables are good and properly connected at both ends.
  • Make sure that the TV is set to the correct channel or input.
  • If the TV’s internal On Screen Display works, try switching inputs or try a DVD player or similar device and check for proper operations.
  • If the TV has been moved to a different location, try unplugging it from the AC power for several minutes, reconnect to power, and then check for improvement.
  • If the TV uses a projection lamp it may be weak or broken. Call a TV service technician.

There is a large black or gray box that appears over the picture.

  • On the remote or in the TV menu, look for an item labeled “C.C.” or “Closed Caption” and turn off the “Text” mode.

The remote control doesn’t work properly.

  • On the remote control, look for a button at the top labeled TV and press it. Then check for normal operation.
  • If there is a slide switch, make sure that it is set to TV.
  • If there is a Compact Fluorescent Light shining on the TV, try turning it off. Sometimes CFLs operate at the same frequency as the remote.
  • Replace the batteries with known good ones.

If all else fails or the set is just not right or acting weirdly…

  • Try unplugging the TV (and cable box or satellite receiver) from the AC p9ower for 1 minute, then try again. This will RESET the computer(s). Sometimes the computers can get confused by a variety of causes, and unplugging the units is the best way to make them RESET.
  • Call to schedule a TV repair

Known Flat Panel TV Repair Issues

Cracked screen—can it be repaired?

  • Display panels can be broken with very little apparent damage on the outside. The ‘Wii effect’ is when a game remote gets out of hand and hits the screen, breaking it. It has also been known that a small child tapping (banging) on an LCD screen can damage the panel.
  • Call to schedule a TV repair

Screen cleaning

  • Use a clean lint-free cloth (like an old white T-shirt) or micro-fiber cloth and water or if necessary a mild soap solution) to clean the screen. NEVER spray anything directly onto the screen!

Can I mount my Flat-panel Television above my fireplace?

  • Flat-Panel televisions are designed to be cooled by the air that surrounds them. It is never a good idea to mount a set above an active heat source. This will significantly reduce the useful life of your TV. Any salesman who tells you differently is not looking out for your best interest.

Other problems? Call Amphi TV Repair Service today.



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